Lifestyle Improvements

Lifestyle Improvements

“70-80% of all illnesses that humans face are the result of choices they make every day.” As part of the initial evaluation of all patients, Dr. Mauldin will discuss daily lifestyle habits that impact health and well-being. As a CrossFit athlete and student of nutrition,  Dr. Mauldin understands the vital role of exercise and good nutrition in health and well-being, and discusses making lifestyle improvements with his patients. Although hormone therapy can have tremendous impact, ultimately the choices patients make concerning daily nutrition and exercise have an even greater long-term influence on health, longevity, and wellness.



Improving your health and well-being may start with balancing your hormones, but will be of limited benefit if you neglect your innate physiologic need for healthy nutrition.  Excessive processed carbohydrates and a lack of enough plant-based nutrients is causing an unprecedented epidemic of chronic illness in our society.  Most people are unaware of how their daily dietary choices are increasing their risk of  heart disease, stroke, cancer, and premature death.  As part of your evaluation, your daily dietary habits and recommendations  for improvement will be discussed.

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We were not designed to be sedentary beings.  The physiologic changes that follow prolonged daily sitting lead to increasingly poor health.  Regular exercise has been shown to decrease the risk of depression, anxiety, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and dementia.   Lack of exercise, being “out of shape,” is one of the lifestyle factors that results in decreased testosterone levels, and clearly increases your risk of premature death.  Regular physical activity should be an essential part of any plan to improve health and wellness.